Adult bouldering sessions at Chimera Tunbridge Wells

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Any adult can come and give bouldering a try, regardless of starting fitness level or whether they have any previous experience.


Questions Answered

Thinking of coming for a climb? Check out some of our frequently asked questions for more information before your first visit to our Tunbridge Wells Centre.

When are you open?

All three walls are open seven days a week. Monday to Friday, they all open at 10am and shut at 10pm. At the weekend, Canterbury opens at 8am until 6pm, while Chatham and Tunbridge Wells open at 9am until 6pm.

There are restricted opening hours for under 12’s - they can climb until 6pm in the week and 2pm at weekends.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing. It is where you climb smaller walls or rocks without a rope. Instead, there are big crash pads under you in case you fall.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone over the age of five can come and climb. We do have strict supervision ratios though. One adult can supervise two kids, but if the adult wants to climb they can only supervise one child. Everyone under the age of 16 needs to be supervised, and everyone under the age of 18 needs their waiver signed off by an adult.

You don’t need any previous climbing experience to supervise kids.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfy clothing is best - any sports clothes or baggy jeans or leggings.

Can I bring a group of mates?

Yes absolutely, the more the merrier. To save time we suggest you pre-register if you haven’t been before which you can do by clicking the link here. Other than that, turn up and have fun!

I'm scared of heights, can I still climb?

Yes! You can traverse to get started (climbing along rather than up) and when you feel more confident you can start to climb a little higher each go. You don’t have to get to the top, you can just practice one move at the bottom until you feel comfortable.

How does the grading work?

Primarily, routes are categorised by colour so stick to the easier colours (yellow, orange, purple) to get you going. Once you are a pro, you can look at the grading chart for each wall via the TopLogger app - we use the Fontainebleau grading system at Chimera.

Do you have the basic safety rules in Ukrainian / Russian?

Yes we do. Please click here for the Ukrainian and Russian translations of our rules.

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What people are saying

"Really nice atmosphere"

"What a great place. The staff really make it as they are so welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic (especially the Aussie chap!). Really nice atmosphere, busy but not overly, able to climb all the routes as and when. What I really liked was watching some awesome climbers do their thing then give it a go myself whilst a 5year old was zipping up the wall next to me. I'm not looking forward to how the body feels tomorrow but really glad I went and would definitely recommend and go back."

b. Purnell

Tunbridge Wells Centre