Chimera Climbing Tunbridge Wells: Bouldering route setting

brand new blocs

We take all the holds oH one section of wall once a week, to clean them and put up brand new blocs. This is important as it means there is always something new to try.

While we reset a section, the rest of the centre remains open so there is always lots to try and plenty of climbing available. We use a mixture of in-house and guest setters, who bring all sorts of different styles and ideas with them.

If you want to keep up to date with what is being set, make sure you keep an eye on our Instagram page.


Toplogger: All of the blocs at both centres are uploaded into an easy to use app called Toplogger. You can download the app, and use it to track your progress at all our centres.

What people are saying

"Can't wait to go back!"

"Visited Chimera with friends and we had so much fun. As first time climbers it was great to see the different range of climbs and we progressed quite quickly! We were like Spider Man in no time! Staff were great and really helpful. Can't wait to go back!"

b. Camies

Tunbridge Wells Centre